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BMRB Entry 18626

Title: NMR Structure of the Self-Complementary 10 mer DNA Duplex 5'-GGATATATCC-3' in Complex with Netropsin   PubMed: 23355266

Authors: Rettig, Michael; Germann, Markus; Wilson, W. David; Wang, Shuo

Citation: Rettig, Michael; Germann, Markus; Wang, Shuo; Wilson, W. David. "Molecular basis for sequence-dependent induced DNA bending."  Chembiochem 14, 323-331 (2013).

Assembly members:
DNA_10_mer, polymer, 10 residues, 3044.042 Da.
NETROPSIN, non-polymer, 430.464 Da.

Natural source:   Common Name: not available   Taxonomy ID: not available   Superkingdom: not available   Kingdom: not available   Genus/species: not available not available

Experimental source:   Production method: chemical synthesis

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1H chemical shifts198

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